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Good food and good wine

published on19/12/2016 sertion News
sarteano (siena)
The aperitif has become a ritual for most Italians, some organize with friends and colleagues to leave behind a hard day at work while others prefer it before dinner but the real increasing trend is to organize it in a friends home instead of the more classical and outdated dinner. If in past time the appetizer was the kingdom of cocktails, today the wine is the master and true fans are always searching for the perfect pairing. Here then are the three golden rules of the aperitif:

1. Invite the right persons. A group of friends with whom to spend pleasant hours chatting about this and that and especially those people are able to appreciate the latest purchased bottle!

2. Finger food An aperitif is not only what you eat but something you sipp from a chalice, widen your imagination, fresh vegetables in summer, truffles in the fall or grills are perfect examples of how to turn an

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