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The best destinations for spring break

sarteano (siena)
The best destinations for spring break

If you do not love particularly the low temperatures of winter and prefer the warm spring just do not worry, the summer season is almost upon us and this 2017 proposes several interesting dates like long weekends and public holidays which are perfect for taking a short break and unplug at least for a while '.

Between European destinations to visit in the spring we can not forget that London attracts tourists from all over the world. A city full of events and artistic beauty to offer to all those who want to visit it.

Speaking of European capitals, perhaps one of the least known and visited, we can suggest Belgrade. A meta unusual yet charming and fascinating, the capital of Serbia will certainly surprise you.

vacanze di primavera

In Italy there is perhaps the most beautiful area to visit in the spring Val d'Orcia, declared a UNESCO National Heritage, this beautiful area of Tuscany remains in the heart and in the eyes of those who visit forever. Its special landscapes and its enchanting villages is comparable only to the goodness of its traditional dishes and wines rich in flavors and porfumi.

Discover the Val d'Orcia, Tuscany, come visit us in Le Buche Wine Resort & Spa.


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