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The best destinations for spring break

published on06/02/2017 sertion News
sarteano (siena)
If you do not love particularly the low temperatures of winter and prefer the warm spring just do not worry, the summer season is almost upon us and this 2017 proposes several interesting dates like long weekends and public holidays which are perfect for taking a short break and unplug at least for a while '.

Between European destinations to visit in the spring we can not forget that London attracts tourists from all over the world. A city full of events and artistic beauty to offer to all those who want to visit it.

Speaking of European capitals, perhaps one of the least known and visited, we can suggest Belgrade. A meta unusual yet charming and fascinating, the capital of Serbia will certainly surprise you.

vacanze di primavera

In Italy there is perhaps the most beautiful area to visit in the

Wellness in wine resort

published on01/02/2017 sertion News
sarteano (siena)
Approaching Easter, a time of year especially loved by those who holiday spirit and loves to enjoy a few relaxing days to shake off the cold of winter and prepare for the summer season. Among the most important places of this Easter 2017 you can not miss Tuscany which confirms the place in which to spend pleasant moments of relaxation par excellence.

City of art, history, beautiful scenery, good food and especially good wine are just some of the peculiarities of this wonderful region loved around the world.

For those looking for a romantic getaway with your partner will find in Tuscany breathtaking scenery where a toast to love, places that remain in the hearts and etched in the memories. Spring is also the best time to visit some of the landmarks of this region such as the Val d'Orcia, which offers different attractions in every season, many events, spas, art and a wide gastronomic

Discover Tuscany in our Wine Resort

published on25/01/2017 sertion News
sarteano (siena)
Tuscany with its rolling hills, its charming villages and its food and wine is certainly one of the most beautiful regions of Italy that can offer unspoilt landscapes and artistic and cultural beauty unrivaled. One of the best times to visit this beautiful region is without a doubt the spring when nature blooms and colors invade fields and woods.
Precisely for this period Le Buche Wine Resort & Spa has reserved for its guests some offers to be seized to enjoy a few relaxing days in our hotel.

For this long weekend April 25th a journey to discover the relaxation with the offer which provides living and entrance to the spa with all the freedom to organize your days as you prefer.


At Easter spend 3 nights pampered with serenity in our Resort,

Where will Europeans go

published on23/01/2017 sertion News
sarteano (siena)
It is still early to make reliable estimates but we know that for this Easter 2017 Europeans who choose to leave will be plenty. Topped the list of favorite destinations in Italy are definitely the art cities such as Florence, Siena or Rome with scheduled exhibitions and many events.

vacanze pasqua 2017

The rage now travels the banner dell'enoturismo. More and more wine lovers who will move to discover new wines, visiting wineries and doing tastings. In this sense, Tuscany is one of the favorite destinations for the Easter holidays 2017. This beautiful region offers various routes and possibilities for every need. For those traveling with family, with friends or even alone open spaces, art and history, excellent food and wine and really fascinating places ranging from the smallest villages and hidden to the larger cities.

Le Buche Wine

What to see in Siena in Tuscany

published on16/01/2017 sertion News
sarteano (siena)
If you are planning your next spring break, Tuscany is definitely a destination to consider. Its small villages and its cities of art, its unique landscape and its gastronomic wealth, have made this region one of the most loved places in Italy and among the Italians among foreigners. Among the areas to visit are definitely the province of Siena Siena with the leader. So beautiful that in 1995 its historic center was declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

If you pass from Siena there are some other landmarks worth visiting or, rather, you will have to visit absolutely.

• To begin with we think the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the Cathedral of the city as well as the main place of Catholic worship in Siena, the building built in Romanesque-Gothic style is located in the square.

• In Piazza del Duomo is also the Santa Maria della Scala, the famous museum complex located

Visit the Val d'Orcia

published on16/01/2017 sertion News
sarteano (siena)
Once the long winter globetrotters already beginning to plan your next vacation, and among the most beautiful destinations to choose from in the spring is definitely the Val d'Orcia. Perhaps one of the landmarks of Tuscany, every year thousands of tourists come from all over the world to contemplate its landscapes are as fascinating and very special.

Even UNESCO recognized its beauty and declared it a World Heritage Site with the following reasons:

(IV) The Val d'Orcia is an exceptional example of how the landscape was redesigned in the Renaissance period with the aim to reflect the ideals of good governance and at the same time achieve an appreciated aesthetic image;
(VI) the landscape of the Val d'Orcia was celebrated by painters from the Siennese School, which flourished during the Renaissance. Images of the Val d'Orcia and, in particular, the representations of landscapes where

To discover Perugia

published on09/01/2017 sertion News
sarteano (siena)
Le Buche Wine Resort & Spa is located in one of the most special areas of Central Italy, right on the border between Tuscany and Umbria, where the rolling hills give way to the green Umbrian forests. Its central location allows visitors to easily reach both the most interesting Tuscan towns that Umbria, thus offering magnificent insights and ideas viaggio.di escalators that connect Piazza Italian Partisans Square, downtown.
A few kilometers away is not only the towns of Val d'Orcia such as Montepulciano and Pienza but also the towns of Umbria like Città della Pieve and Perugia.
Perugia is certainly to be counted among the most beautiful and fascinating Italian cities, rich in cultural events and places to visit. Capital of the province of Umbria, Perugia was inhabited by 'XI and X BC and, thanks to its position of interest was the great contentions center. Conquered by the Ostrogoths of

Good food and good wine

published on19/12/2016 sertion News
sarteano (siena)
The aperitif has become a ritual for most Italians, some organize with friends and colleagues to leave behind a hard day at work while others prefer it before dinner but the real increasing trend is to organize it in a friends home instead of the more classical and outdated dinner. If in past time the appetizer was the kingdom of cocktails, today the wine is the master and true fans are always searching for the perfect pairing. Here then are the three golden rules of the aperitif:

1. Invite the right persons. A group of friends with whom to spend pleasant hours chatting about this and that and especially those people are able to appreciate the latest purchased bottle!

2. Finger food An aperitif is not only what you eat but something you sipp from a chalice, widen your imagination, fresh vegetables in summer, truffles in the fall or grills are perfect examples of how to turn an

What to do and where to go

published on30/11/2016 sertion News
sarteano (siena)
Here in Italy December is a period devoted to the family,and traditions but for many this appears to be one of the most stressful time of year. You have to organize various dinners with friends and family, the kids are home from school while parents continue to work, you have to close your yearly accounts and the fact that there are so many public holidays makes everything more complicated. Not surprising, that those who can not do
this many, decide to leave on this occasion of the Epiphany, for a few days of relaxation.

This is just for you !! we have created this special Epiphany offer that includes:

welcome drink

• 2 nights in a Classic room with breakfast

• 1 dinner with tasting for 2 persons with wines from Le Buche winery on the evening of

January 7

• Visit to Le buche winery with guided tour through the vineyards

• Access to the Spa

• Access to Fitness Room


At our Wine Resort

published on28/11/2016 sertion News
sarteano (siena)
It is not too early to plan your New Year!
So if you are looking for a chic, magical and uncommon new years eve, do not miss the chance to spend it in our Wine Resort. And Spa

Discover our offers and make use of the advantage Booking before 31 October 2016.

Discover together New Year Package 2 nights includes:

• Welcome drink

• 2 nights in a Classic room with breakfast

• 1 lunch for 2 people wine excluded

• 1 dinner for 2 people wine excluded

• 1 Tasting Classic for 2 people with a visit to our Cellar Le Buche

• New Year Gala Dinner for 2 persons with live music and fireworks

• Access to the Spa Resort

• Access to Fitness Resort Room

IF YOU BOOK BEFORE 31 October it is only € 699.00 instead of € 799.00

The cost of this package is intended for a stay of 2 persons in a Classic room but you can choose the

Thing for the table on Christmas and New Years

published on22/11/2016 sertion News
sarteano (siena)
The Christmas holidays are approaching and those who invited relatives and friends will already be thinking about the menu for the table. Here are some ideas that are not too crazy.

“Fish” can not be missed on christmas Eve, here in Italy as it is their tradition. if you are lovers of traditions this menu is for you:

Appetizer: white fish au gratin baked

First course: Tagliatelle (home made ribon pasta) with salmon and aromatic herbs

Second course: Stuffed squid


Nothing could be simpler you say, between cappelletti pasta and various roasts ... and if

you have a vegetarian lunch? Do not despair, here is a vegetarian mouth-watering menu

to which will send you into ecstasies and also the most traditionalist dishes:

Appetizer: Dumplings of cottage cheese

First course: Rice with Barolo red chicory and pears


Choose Tuscany for New Years eve

published on14/11/2016 sertion News
sarteano (siena)
What are the best destinations for New Year's Eve? Hard to say, there are those who prefer to go away, those who love Europe and those who want a place not too far from home to enjoy more time with loved ones.

Among these European capitals most choose London to pass new year with friends doing trendy and crazy adventures. Those who are in search of the exotic vacation becuase of the cold temperatures, a holiday in the Maldives or in Dubai and Mexico.

These different destinations are for those who are looking for a classy New Year,

Romantic and elegant with a small group of friends or with your loved one. people choose Tuscany, it is easily reachable from all over Italy as well as abroad , with enchanting landscapes, with lots of culture to offer, charming villages to visit.

Le Buche Wine Resort & Spa has thought of those looking for an elegant New Year, simple but to spend in

New Year's at the beach or in the mountains? Better in Tuscany

published on14/11/2016 sertion News
sarteano (siena)
Once back from the summer break, your mind flies to those winter holidays and that you love definitely New Years. A perfect opportunity to unwind and enjoy at least a few days of relaxation.

Some like to go away to exotic destinations, and those who prefer to stay in Italy because they are able to leave work just a few days.

Le Buche Wine Resort & Spa nestles in the green Tuscan countryside, is a perfect place to spend some day of relaxation between wine tasting in the cellar, a walk through the vineyards or exploring the villages of Val d'Orcia .

For the New Year period we have chosen two proposals, two packages (of 2 or 3 nights) for all those who this year 'do not just want celebrate the arrival of 2017 but want to enjoy the beauty and peace of an enchanted place like Tuscany.


The colors, the dishes and the right outfit for this New Year

published on14/11/2016 sertion News
sarteano (siena)
New Year, as you well know, is not just a feast but every year brings new fashions and trends in clothing, hairstyles and make-up but for the mice en place of our tables or the preparing of the food.

As for the looks, passing to 2017 marked by an elegant and refined style. The long dresses for the ladies and suits for the gentlemen. These neutral colors black, white and grey; will have to impress the ladies, like their make up with silver glitter for eyes, with nails in perfect harmony together.

Even tableware will have to be simple, yet elegant. like silver and gold as well as blue, red or even cream-colored. last years stylish elegance were goals , You too love to spend the last night of the year in front of a fireplace in a mountain house or in a romantic resort in Tuscany, we advise you to organize your holidays soon and choose the perfect spot and take advantage of these OFFERS!


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